This is a form of entertainment I legally have to state this. Only over 18 years olds to attend events and readings at my home. During group parties. Please do not bring children, thank you.

Any messages given to you are your responsibility. By contacting me you agree to these terms, thank you.

Welcome to my website:

Hello, I’m Sue Warren. I am a spiritual medium clairvoyant. I have been using my gifts for over 30 years and it has always been a part of my life.

Firstly, I am going to talk about my history and the discovery of my gifts as a spiritual medium clairvoyant. I have had psychic abilities from my early childhood. I have memories of seeing and sensing phenomena for as long as I can remember.

There were events and happenings as a child that my mother couldn't explain. At one time, she because so concerned she put me on a tonic thinking that I needed a vitamin boost.

As the years progressed I became used to the visitations and messages but never connected them to me being psychic as I was too young to understand what it was. My own life's journey has had its own trials and tribulations, I've experienced many difficulties and loses of my own, over the tears from early childhood.

Following in my mother’s footsteps, at the age of 18 I decided to train in nursing choosing to focus on mental health. I finished my mental health training in 1975 and stayed in nursing until I retired.

I have been married many years with two children whom I had in my 40s, I call them my little miracles.

It was during my nursing days that my psychic gift became developed. One of the older nurses taught me how to read tea cups and I was then introduced to tarot cards, when a friend bought me a pack as a gift, so began to develop my gift naturally.

As I became more interested in all things psychic and spiritual my journey began and the happenings from my childhood became clear.

So, I began on my journey of development and investigation, taking every opportunity to learn, introducing healing and spiritual and psychic development, gaining knowledge through training and development.

I have always been interested in people so it was easy for me to take on the role of clairvoyant. I love my work, and helping guide people to help themselves is so rewarding. I see myself as a psychic and spiritual navigator

I can't and won’t change your life but can help guide you. Remember you alone are in charge of your own life’s journey.

I'm now hosting readings face to face at my new lovely personal space in Driffield.

Individual sittings or couples no groups as yet.

Due to demand I will be continuing to host online video call readings and party plan for clients that are a distance away and overseas.

I use facetime and what's app video call for readings only.

My Work:

I am available for private “one to one” readings and party bookings. My readings are bespoke to individual needs lasting from a 20 minute reading to a one hour reading and are priced according to time during which, if desired, messages and guidance from loved ones who passed over can be given. I work with spirit through messages and my own psychic vision. I use Angel Cards and Tarot cards, Crystals, Aura readings and Psychometry, palms and sometimes mediumship covering topics such as:



Reiki Healing Levels I & II National Federation of Spiritual Healers 1-4
Natural Medium/Clairvoyant since being 12 years old
Natural guide to those who seek direction and clarity
Trained nurse with over 25 years’ experience.

From  March 2023 
My prices will change slightly.  
£35 x 35mins 
£45 x 1 hour 
Thank you for your continued support.

Crystal Ball


I no longer travel out to host parties at people's homes.  I can host 1, 2 or 3 people for individual one to one sessions at my home only.

I travel out for group Mediumship events for 10 people or more as a group, not individual one to one readings parties.

Guidance is brought through Spiritual and Psychic messages using Tarot Cards, Angel Cards and Crystals. Psychometry and Scrying with crystal ball, all available on request.

Each reading is totally unique and delivered in a way which gives the most positive guidance and inspiration for the client. During readings, Sue can channel healing through past loved ones. Catchment area 50 miles radius to travel out.

All reading types costs and  prices bespoke to requirements and times offered; choose from the options below for a quote.

Aura, Psychic, Clairvoyance using Tarot and Angel Cards. Also Psychometry (holding a personal Object to receive information) can include some mediumship.

Aura, Psychic Vision - past, present and future, using Tarot and Angel cards and Spiritual messages.

Pure Mediumship - messages from past loved ones (not always who you want) can include Psychometry.

Want to ask a question about love, health, finance, travel and work? Using Tarot and Angel cards.

Group mediumship for 10 or more people, in the comfort of your own chosen venue. Also family group mediumship availble.

Duration: To be confirmed. Price To be arranged.

Look on my events page for up and coming evenings of clairvoyavce and spiritual exchange events as a header. I am always looking for new venues to host Clairvoyant evenings and spiritual exchange events, ideas welcomed. 


Aura - an intangible radiation, breath or emanation/a distinct yet invisible halo that surrounds the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual.

Emotional, mental, and spiritual levels form an energy field around the body known as the aura; muddy colours in the aura indicate negative emotions.

Psychic - natural abilities through the psyche - development of the sense that allows visible perception. A sensitivity to nonphysical or energy forces and influences marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding.

Clairvoyance - perception beyond the natural range of the senses - foreseeing the future and the ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception.

Mediumship - link this world and the spirit World. A medium is a person able to communicate with those loved ones and friends who have past over. This ability is known as mediumship.

A mediums primary objective is to give proof of the survival of the human personality after physical death.

Psychometry - Psychometry is a form of scrying - a psychic way of "seeing" something that is not ordinarily seeable.

With psychometry, this extraordinary vision is available through touch. For example, a person who has psychometric abilities - a psychometrist - can hold an antique glove and be able to tell something about the history of that glove, about the person who owned it, about the experiences that person had while in the possession of that glove.

Angel Cards - Inspirational messages and philosophy to assisting one’s life path.

Angel Cards are essentially Oracle Cards. They feature messages from the angels, and or use angelic images on the cards so you can get Divine guidance, and connect with your angels in a real and powerful way.

An Angel Card reading empowers you to tune into real and accurate angelic guidance in your life whenever you need it.




Please note that I cannot change your life, nor can I alter the course that has been laid before you; only you can make changes in your own life.  On a Psychic and Spiritual level, you must be open and willing to receive communication, if you have put blocks in place then you may not get the reading you desire.  It’s about being open-minded and receptive, it’s about being honest and truthful – if you can do this then you will be more likely to benefit from anything I can help you with towards enlightenment.



Contact Information:

Text me on: 07824 441 579

Sue Warren

Sue Warren - Love and Light

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